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Flowers for the Past [Passed] 2022

About me

Artist in Training

"My art practice is predominantly inspired by major events which have occurred in my life, as well as my thoughts and emotions which are tied to these events. I believe the creation of art is a kind of healing and discovery process pertaining to one’s self; therefore the expression of art allows the self to process emotions which have been stuck in the subconscious, bringing them into the physical world."

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1. Book in the Sky.jpg

Book in the Sky

Self Portrait 2020
Based on Xu Bing’s artwork by the same name, this self portrait represents my personal experience with the Chinese language. This text is designed to look like Chinese characters but when examined more closely, they are actually total nonsense. I was adopted from China Hangzhou at 10 months old and have lived in Canada ever since. I can not speak any Chinese but often people will assume I do and approach me in public. This piece reflects on my relationship with the Chinese language and my inability to speak it although my physical appearance projects I can. 


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